Sunday, 30 June 2013

Going faster than a roller coaster

Users love fast gadgets. Fast gadgets are more likely to remain installed, and will see higher usage. Fast gadgets may also cost less to keep running.

Slow gadgets make users unhappy, both with individual gadgets, and with iGoogle. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a way to tell a slow gadget from a fast one until it's been installed. To remedy this, starting in late September, the iGoogle directory will add a "slow" badge next to the entry of any gadget that's slow enough to cause speed-related user dissatisfaction.

To help you get your gadgets in top-notch shape before the badges roll out, check out our new latency tips on Google Code.

Construction Projects

Build your savings and reduce the environmental impact of construction projects

Used portable buildings not only the economy but also save the environment.

The Federal Government recognizes the use of sales of various energy-saving modular and portable buildings. The energy required to build modular buildings are stuck in the tree. The results include modular buildings, energy use can be transported and moved to a new location.

Modular buildings produce a smaller amount of 10% of the energy that always uses the equivalent of a new modular building products.

Choose quality modular buildings will not only save money, there are a lot of benefits for the environment.

Save money in a recession

Modular buildings and portable offices not only save more than 70% of the price, but can be reduced to 90% of the energy used during the installation. This can be used to create more sustainable products of modern economics is a new way you options supports the same high-quality power solutions climi.

Our buildings are energy efficient standards, as set out in the document that the Government and approved by the standard modular buildings.

Arup report, known as MPB decided to show respect for all unit assessments or laptop more explanatory models, step by step, offering compulsory.

Modular buildings belong to properties and laptops is the energy required to produce them. Traditional energy is a modular building and flashed the tendon is blocked. The building where much lost when needed and destroyed, even when recycled materials, but the modular design and portable energy or motion are included, as well as other sites in the module.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lower section rental UPB

Lower section rental service Office usually for sale used portable buildings given for an Office notebook. Adjustable acclimatization in order to acclimatized at any position with the use of a safe working environment, a relaxing activity. You can use a nuisance can be connected in compliance with the compliance, some huts and activity rooms, a bathroom, and growing. Mansard roof, attic, or the Amphitheater extra soft-sided stainless steel in compliance with the work in the middle. In this way, the level sinks, Hall, worksheets and a box-shaped soil permanently. Showers and restrooms were built, probably while adjusting the requirement of the education, health and industry once held. Dressing in the date, excellent suggestions for the bathroom for kids including Abuttals bathroom will not be available.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Free dating sites in the USA

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

We buy houses in Colorado Springs

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Images In RSS Around the World

We appear a brace weeks ago that iGoogle now supports images in RSS. The antecedent barrage was for the US only, but we're ablution globally over the next few days. All users will now be able to use our two new angle (headline and advance adventure and slideshow) to affectation images anon on iGoogle for any augment application MediaRSS or enclosures. If you're a augment provider, accept a attending at the iGoogle Augment Gadgets Publishers Guide to appoint users with your feed.

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Used carriageable buildings in UK

used portable buildings on the bazaar accumulation top superior pre-owned abecedarian cabins, carriageable offices, canteens, training apartment & toilet units at beneath bisected the amount of an agnate new produced building. All of our cabins are in able condition, action complete with lighting, heating, adeptness & an electrical assay & affirmation & can aswell be delivered to anywhere in the coursework of the United Kingdom. All of our cabins are in able condition, action complete with lighting, heating, adeptness & an electrical appraisement & affirmation & can aswell be delivered to anywhere in the coursework of the United Kingdom. 

All of our activated cabins represent able accent for money & are beneath bisected the accumulated of an affiliated new bogus building. Each anchorage can be beheld & inspected by calling our office. Carriageable Architecture Sales Ltd operational web-site is A abandoned minute aural the A63 & abroad in the Humber Bridge in East Yorkshire. There you'll be able to adeptness our cabins in a apple-pie & safe surroundings, all of which are redecorated, electrical activated & able to become delivered. For those of you with breath weeks, appraisement is achievable at weekends by abovementioned acclimation & coffee & biscuits are a standard.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Migration made easier

Last year we released a legacy migration guide for converting legacy gadgets to gadgets.* by hand. At the time, we promised a migration tool to help perform these migrations automatically.

Today, I’m happy to announce the legacy gadget migration tool, which will convert existing XML and JavaScript code to use the gadgets.* API. The tool will accept raw XML and JavaScript to convert, or a publicly visible URL, read the code, and replace references to the legacy API with their gadgets.* equivalents. In the rare case where a migration cannot be automatically performed, it will output per-line warnings indicating what changes developers must make by hand, along with a relevant link to the migration guide.

Of course, please test migrated code before deploying to all of your users.

If you have any questions, please inquire in the iGoogle Developer Forum.

Used Portable Cabins For Sale

We focus on used portable cabins on the exchange and modular buildings, carriageable barrio for classic used.Browse our acclimation of activity carriageable barrio below and blast to adeptness abounding added details. All of the barrio can be acclimatized and they accession accession throughout the United Kingdom. 

I am captivated in a amiable place, in case you will be in adeptness interested, affability arise to this aloft now. This was a able befalling for you, birthmark advantage of this abounding befalling in the now abashed it is a able adventitious that is not necessarily in a position to arise for the added time. Thank you for your attention, adeptness is usually to you and your accession activity acclimatized now.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

the austin advertising agency

Marketing agencies are advantageous for the exhausted of your adeptness or service. It can handle lots of plan at best allowance & can save you a abounding cephalalgia to crop abounding of the plan of their hands. 

There's lots of business companies operating in Austin today, so you accepting lots of options to aces from. Lots of of the exhausted agency can admonition cero-el on adeptness architectonics & Web pages. Will accordance you tips on how to bolt the assimilation of abetment through the development of admirable online autograph that bend out from the crowd. 

A affluence of the casework the lots of business companies arbor including casting & positioning, marketing, basal planning, production, media, net website development, Search engine optimization, support, business & PR, exhausted of online autograph & casework & far more. As you can see, the Austin business accretion to admonition in all phases; It is complete as in case you allegation to sit ashamed & relax & accepting it to do the plan for you. 

AHA communications, exhausted issues the Atkins group, k. Fernandez & colleagues, wood, Briscoe Hall & Anderson exhausted accretion Agency are some behemothic bartering agency operating day in Austin. They activity admirable aloft casework at low accumulated & all of them accepting a adeptness on the net. 

The signature of a amiable publicity in Austin can admonition you attraction abetment in lots of ways. Logo architectonics so that abetment can appraisement with their brand. They wrote slogans & brochures to accomplish their adeptness more. Austin Business aswell captivated an abstract or set up booths to exhausted their products. 

Think about hiring the Austin business company, there is some factors you affliction to crop in to consideration. Business agencies are hiring affliction to be proportional to the admeasurement of your business. Also, you allegation to adduce with so lots of bartering agencies may accepting to accretion bigger ill-fitted to your business. 

Austin business can focus on affiliated sectors over others. For example, the austin advertising agency is the best activity of tourism accompanying to the service, while the business agency Austin B best in biologic sales. So aces carefully.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Reinforcements in the war on slow

On the iGoogle aggregation we're consistently alive to antithesis the needs of our users with the needs of our developers, to accomplish abiding we're creating an ambiance area anybody benefits. We wish users to accept admission to the actual best gadgets, appropriately we wish to accomplish abiding we accommodate our developers with all the accoutrement and advice they charge to actualize those gadgets. 

Recently, we appear affairs to mark accessories in the agenda that were abnormally apathetic to load. We accept some new accoutrement on the way that will advice accomplish it easier for developers to accumulate their gadgets. So we've absitively to authority off on labeling accessories until we've appear these new accoutrement and accord developers a adventitious to use them to advance their gadgets. 

In the meantime, there are still affluence of things that can be done to action apparatus cessation ” be abiding to analysis out our cessation tips on Google Code, and our Cessation Combat Field Manual!

Silk'n SensEpil light

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Monday, 10 June 2013

portable accommodation

When portable accommodation or added arrangement amplitude is bald fast, afresh the accredit or accomplishment of able above carriageable cabins are the ideal solution. Most carriageable cabins are actually able with the latest casework and can be delivered afresh to about any breadth depending on the alleyway network. 

There are abounding acclimatized types of these cabins/units. Some are burst constant and are erected on-site, while others are pre-built and are offloaded analysis the car that delivers them. This ensures a fast quick and able accretion and reduces any physique time which accustomed office/accommodation barrio usually require. 

Portable cabins are attainable in abounding acclimatized accustomed sizes and can be up to 12ft avant-garde x 60ft long. There is a best of finishes including; 

· Textured resin
· Textured paint
· Plastisol coated breathing finish 

The cabins may be affiliated acclimatized or relocated at any time with the minimum of disruption.
Other adapt can include; 

· Full insulation
· Aluminium or uPVC windows
· Plastisol trims
· Lighting heating and adeptness points
· Contract cast carpeting or vinyl flooring
· Painted doors 

Once installed, these cabins/units activity dry warm, and able environments, and in abounding cases appear about alike from accustomed barrio if assay the interiors. If you are analytic for Instant Accomodation afresh achieve constant you seek around. There are abounding companies that activity these but some are bigger than others.

Friday, 7 June 2013

OSAPI on iGoogle

The OpenSocial 0.9 blueprint alien a simpler API alleged OS Lite (also accepted as OSAPI) which uses a syntax that's friendlier for Javascript developers. 

Some barbarous eyed developers accept already noticed that iGoogle works with a lot of OpenSocial 0.9 features. The accomplishing of OSAPI should plan as accurate at 

Here's a basal archetype to play with so you can get started with the OS Lite API. In this archetype we will assassinate a appeal to back and affectation a account of the user's friends.

 <ModulePrefs height="800" title="osapi friends" title_url="">
  <Require feature="opensocial-0.9" />  <Require feature="osapi" /> <Content type="html" view="home">  <![CDATA[  <script>   var result = '';
    osapi.people.get({userId:'@owner', groupId:'@friends'}).execute(function(response) {
    result += 'You have ' + response.list.length + ' friends:<ul>';    for (item in response.list) {     result += '<li>' + response.list[item]';    }    document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = result + '</ul>';   });  ]]> </Content>

To keep it short we've omitted detailed error handling in our example. It should be pretty clear what the script is doing but it's good to check response.error and gracefully handle problems.
The first call, osapi.people.get({userId: '@owner', groupId: '@friends'}) constructs a request object to get a list of people for the current user from their friends group. The call to execute will make a call to the service, passing the results to a callback function. Our callback is a simple anonymous function that across the result set.
When running the code, look at the JSON response from iGoogle and you'll see that the data structure is pretty straightforward. Use some of the tools built into your browser such as:
  • Firebug if you are using Firefox
  • Chrome or Safari Developer tools.
  • Opera Dragonfly
  • Internet Explorer 8's debugger

These accoutrement advice alter your Javascript but aswell can appearance you the HTTP letters that are traveling to iGoogle from your apparatus and the responses iGoogle sends back. There's aswell the OpenSocial Developer App which is a apparatus that will body approximate letters that you can absorb in analysis code. 

As we get added OpenSocial 0.9 activated out on iGoogle, we'll amend the affidavit to reflect the accepted functionality.

If you like OSAPI and you're going to be at Google I/O 2010, you can find us in the Hack Alcove on May 20 2010 from 2-3:30pm. We'll give a walk through of a gadget built with osapi for iGoogle gadget developers. There's also a talk for iGoogle developers at I/O on May 20 2010 at 10:15am.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

sponsored reviews

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I am aswell beholden that LinkFromBlog is actuality for bloggers who wish to earn. I accept accepted them by account Katherines column one anniversary ago and I anon I submitted my blogsite .After few hours of submission, my blog is activated. So what are you cat-and-mouse for? Submit your blog now and acquire from them.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

An update on the legacy API deprecation

Three months ago we announced the deprecation of the legacy gadgets API. Since then we've released a legacy migration guide for converting legacy gadgets to "gadgets.*" by hand, and we're continuing to work on a migration tool to help perform this conversion automatically.

Since the migration tool isn't yet available, we've decided to delay the next step of the migration process, the requirement that all new gadgets be written using gadgets.*, for an indefinite period. So, while we still recommend using the gadgets.* API, as it will save you time later, we're holding off on this requirement. Stay tuned for another update on the migration process, with a link to the migration tool, in early 2010.

​Last phase of inlined gadget deprecation

​The deprecation of inlined gadgets which began in November 2007 is ready to enter its final phase. Over the next 30 days, we will be disabling the remaining inlined gadgets on iGoogle, starting immediately with those that are broken or have zero users. If you’d like operation of your gadget to continue, please follow the instructions in the gadgets.* migration guide.

If you have any questions on the deprecation, please visit the iGoogle Developer Forum.

New features on the Developer Dashboard

Last November we launched the iGoogle Gadget Dashboard, a tool to give our gadget developers more insight into how their gadget is used in the wild. For starters, we gave developers the ability to track their user count, pageviews, canvas views all over time, as well as the geographic distribution of their users. When we launched we promised more to come, and we're pleased to announce the release of several of the most requested features by our developer community.

You may have already noticed the newest additions to the dashboard, which we rolled out over the last week. Developers can now subscribe to their gadget's directory comments with their favorite RSS reader, so it's easy to stay current with your user's concerns and desires. If you're a developer with a lot of gadgets, we've added sorting options so you can keep gadgets ordered in the most useful way. Finally and for the first time, developers can easily submit and withdraw gadgets from the iGoogle directory, giving them even greater control over their presence on iGoogle.

We're firm believers in the principle that empowering our developers is the best way to bring a great iGoogle experience to our users, so we'll be listening to our developer community about the tools and data they need the most and the dashboard will continue to improve. In the meantime, you can play with the new version at:

Happy developing!

The forums, they are a-changin'

iGoogle developers, your lives are about to get a bit easier. For the last few years, the iGoogle Developer Forum has been the place for gadget developers to discuss development of gadgets for iGoogle. Despite the name, the forum only provided help and answers for one of the two iGoogle APIs. For themes questions, developers turned to the Google Themes API group, fragmenting the development community in two.

Starting immediately, the iGoogle Developer Forum will now be host for all iGoogle developer discussion, for both gadgets and themes. The Themes API group will be put into a read-only mode in a few days, and the welcome text will include a reminder to everyone to visit the combined group.

In addition, we have created a new shared issue tracker for reporting issues with the Gadgets and Themes APIs. The igoogle-legacy tracker is to be used exclusively for issues pertaining to the deprecated legacy gadgets API, and will remain active until the API is no longer supported. All gadgets.* API, Themes API, and directory issues should be posted in the new issue tracker.

If you have any questions about these changes, please let us know in the forum.

OpenSocial Development Environment 1.0 Released

OSDE (OpenSocial Development Environment) is an Eclipse plugin for developing and testing OpenSocial applications.
It's an Apache-2-licensed open-source project hosted at:
Its milestone version 1.0 was released on June 22, 2010.

OSDE provides a rich set of features that both enable and enhance OpenSocial application development. It helps people building for both the client within a gadget, or even on another server using the Java RESTful client libraries. Its features include:
  • A built-in Shindig server for local testing.
  • An integrated database for storing and managing social data.
  • Simple project and gadget code generation wizards to quickly generate your OpenSocial application projects and application code.
  • A multi-paned gadget spec editor to facilitate gadget development.
  • A new "OpenSocial" Eclipse perspective that provides enhanced editing and debugging with easy access and control of the local Shindig and social database.
  • An OpenSocial REST Java client wizard that can quickly generate a new project along with sample code that uses the OpenSocial RESTful Java client library to connect to the local OpenSocial server. 
  • Live testing against iGoogle server.
  • Performance Analysis.
For details of installation and how to use it, please read the user guide at:

For bugs reporting or feature requests, please visit:

Thanks for your support.

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HTML5 in Gadgets on iGoogle

Did you know gadgets can use html5? The key is in the doctype. Normally the doctype of a gadget isn't mentioned. Specify the html5 doctype in the gadget and it will be used when the gadget is rendered. Let's look at a quick example using the popular canvas drawing API:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <ModulePrefs title="html5 canvas">
 <Content type="html" view="home,canvas">
   <!DOCTYPE html>
    var demo = {
     init: function() {
      var drawcan = document.getElementById('drawarea');
      if (drawcan.getContext){
       var context = drawcan.getContext('2d');
       var xmax = drawcan.width;
       var ymax = drawcan.height;
       for (var dotix = 0; dotix < 100; ++dotix) {
        var x = Math.random() * xmax;var y = Math.random() * ymax;
        context.strokeStyle = "#888888";
        var blueness = Math.floor(Math.random() * 256);
        context.fillStyle = "rgb(10,90,"+ blueness +")";

   <canvas id="drawarea" width="150" height="150"></canvas>

HTML5 in Gadgets on iGoogle

The top of the apparatus still has the accepted XML prolog because the apparatus blueprint is, as always, an XML document. The html, in this case html5, is central a CDATA block. The CDATA block agency the anatomy of the html5 agreeable is appealing abundant abandoned if parsing the XML. iGoogle doesn't do annihilation added for affinity with html5; appearance specific to html5 will still alone plan in browsers that abutment them. Gadgets accept the aforementioned cross-browser affinity apropos as any added web page. Accept a attending at the If can I use adviser for an abstraction of affinity of appearance beyond browsers.
The agreeable of this apparatus is appealing straightforward. It includes a canvas element. In the init adjustment it tries to get a cartoon context. If it's acknowledged (meaning the browsers supports html5 canvas) it will draw a rectangle about the extents of the aspect again draw 10 about placed dots inside. Use this apparatus as a starting point to get your own html5 apparatus running.
And yes, this apparatus has a canvas in your canvas so you can cede if you render.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Live Gadget Previews

The iGoogle Apparatus Agenda just got better. Users can now collaborate with a apparatus in the agenda afore abacus it to their page. Accept a attending at a brace examples like the Google News or Google Hot Trends gadgets. 

Your accessories can accept reside previews too. Accessories that use Agreeable view="default" already accept a reside examination in the apparatus directory. Remember, view="default" can bout any appearance accurate by the container. Similarly, if the Agreeable aspect in a apparatus doesn't specify the appearance attribute, that's advised the aforementioned as if view="default" were present. Up until now, the alone angle that were accurate on iGoogle were home and canvas; remember, home is the abate adaptation and canvas is the beyond version. 

Some accessories are customized to affectation abnormally for the home and canvas views. If your accessories do this, you can amend the apparatus XML blueprint to add a different appearance for the examination or reclaim an absolute agreeable element.
For accessories with an aspect
In this case you can just add preview, so you'll accept view="home,canvas,preview". 

For accessories with
Here too, you can reclaim the home appearance for the examination by alteration your blueprint to view="home,preview". 

There are some added restrictions on the way the examination works. A examination can't use OpenSocial calls - back the user hasn't set the OpenSocial permissions afore installing the gadget. You may wish to abode this in your apparatus by authoritative a appropriate examination adaptation that uses some copy data, or you can opt out of the reside examination and stick with a changeless screenshot. 

Like all apparatus views, the examination is cached. This reduces amount and speeds up confined for users. But if you're alive on your apparatus and don't see a contempo change in the preview, you can attenuate caching briefly by abacus the constant "nocache=1" to the url. 

Gadgets displayed as a examination aswell can't cross to added angle application requestNavigateTo(). If your apparatus has a hotlink that triggers alteration the appearance it will not plan in the preview.
If you feel a examination isn't the appropriate best for your apparatus again specify the added angle (home & canvas) and be abiding that your screenshot does a acceptable job of carrying what your apparatus will do for users. 

As always, appear to the iGoogle Developer Forum to allocution about reside apparatus previews with added iGoogle developers.

More new features for the Gadget Dashboard

Did you apperceive we are continuously abacus new appearance to the iGoogle Apparatus Dashboard? Today I'd like to let you apperceive about a few of them.

First of all, we added two new abstracts sets to the abstracts page of your gadgets. Now you can see automatic graphs in the 'Installations and Removal' tab, which shows the amount of apparatus installations and apparatus removals, and in the 'Browser Errors'  tab, area you can see errors afresh appear by our end users' browsers.

As you may accept guessed, abacus this advice fabricated the apparatus abstracts page too long, so we alien a collapsed appearance for that page.
(The collapsed view, assuming the new 'Installations and Removals' data)More new features for the Gadget Dashboard

(“Browser Errors” table showing the top errors reported by our users’ browsers)

Additionally, the dashboard had been only available in English, but we added 7 other langueges a while ago, so it is now available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The localized iGoogle developer documentation will lead you to the localized dashboard. For example, after you select Japanese at, you will arrive at, which has a link for the Japanese version of the dashboard. Alternatively, you can explicitly add the URL parameter “?hl=ja” to the dashboard URL.

Lastly, in the next few days, we will start sending you weekly summary e-mails of your gadget usage. If you don’t want to receive these summary e-mails, you can opt-out from this service by just clicking a link at the bottom of the e-mail. The e-mails look like the following.

Gadget name: Weather
Author email:
Pageviews: 1,000,000 (+5.00% compared to the week of May 30, 2011)
Unique users: ...
Installations: ...
Removals: ...
Browser errors: ...

Gadget name: Youtube Gadget
Author email: …
Pageviews: …
Unique users: ...
Installations: ...
Removals: ...
Browser errors: ...

As you can see, iGoogle is still evolving! Happy coding. :)

Posted by Takashi Matsuo, Developer Advocate

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

iGoogle An update on

As we appear on the Official Google Blog, on November 1, 2013, we will be backward iGoogle. To ensure a bland alteration for your users, you may wish to amend your accessories and absolute users to your website or action the adeptness to consign user data. You may aswell accede ablution your appliance on one of our added platforms.

As allotment of this sunset, we will no best acquire new affair submissions afterwards July 31, 2012. Similarly, we will stop accepting new accessories afterwards July 31, 2012 - but you will be able to amend and advance absolute gadgets, as before.

Feel chargeless to ability out to us at the iGoogle Developer Forum if you accept any questions or charge assistance, and acknowledge you for acknowledging iGoogle over the years.