Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Reinforcements in the war on slow

On the iGoogle aggregation we're consistently alive to antithesis the needs of our users with the needs of our developers, to accomplish abiding we're creating an ambiance area anybody benefits. We wish users to accept admission to the actual best gadgets, appropriately we wish to accomplish abiding we accommodate our developers with all the accoutrement and advice they charge to actualize those gadgets. 

Recently, we appear affairs to mark accessories in the agenda that were abnormally apathetic to load. We accept some new accoutrement on the way that will advice accomplish it easier for developers to accumulate their gadgets. So we've absitively to authority off on labeling accessories until we've appear these new accoutrement and accord developers a adventitious to use them to advance their gadgets. 

In the meantime, there are still affluence of things that can be done to action apparatus cessation ” be abiding to analysis out our cessation tips on Google Code, and our Cessation Combat Field Manual!