Saturday, 27 September 2014

Invest on Timesahre

Don't get drawn in by some slick sales pitch into buying an interest in a property if you are not likely to stay there and never ever buy a property purely as an investment.

If you buy a timeshare in a resort that you love and you plan on vacationing there every year, then it will turn out to be a great investment especially if you take into account savings on hotels over the years and other factors, says Patrick E. Dougherty, owner of Timeshares United, which handles Worldwide Resort Resales.

All the time, you have an asset that you can sell at any time if you need to," Dougherty adds.
If you want to rent, you are also more likely to attract people if the property is in a top destination.
If you buy from the resort developer you normally pay a premium which can be as high as 40% to cover sales costs and marketing. "People buy timeshares for a lot of reasons.