Sunday, 20 December 2015

SIM-Only Deals to Save Money

Newly introduced SIM-only mobile contract plans allow the consumer to do just that - save money on their monthly mobile phone bill.

A 4G SIM-only deals presents affordable rates for texts and voice minutes. Vodafone provides international SIM cards that offer competitive rates. Orange SIM deals offer reduced rates providing the customer pre-pays. T-Mobile SIM-only deals offer flexible 'boosters', unlimited landline calls starting at £10.50 per month. The network company O2 advertises a 'simplicity' price, which resembles the SIM deals offered by other networks. The user who buys a SIM deal can change companies as frequently as desired. You can compare SIM-only deals and buy a SIM-only tariff if you just want to replace the card. SIM-only deals can be easily obtained from a number of web sites.

Under SIM free mode those phones are included which can be purchased without a SIM. SIM only deals are somewhat like SIM free phones as here you do not need to buy a handset along with the SIM. SIM only deals are available on contract basis also. If you go for O2 SIM only deals you can find offers like free connection, no minimum contract period, free 900 minutes per month plus free SIM as well. In Orange SIM only scheme, you can get free unlimited text for 1 month, free connection, free SIM and monthly free 600 minutes.